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Students share their snow removal tips

Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

With the holiday season over and the new year already in full swing, it is now that time of year when more and more snow falls from the sky. Snow might be a problem for some but there are many ways to remove snow.

Most UC  students said removing snow is one of the most important things for travel and safety concerns. 

Senior Jason Bingay said snow removal is very important to campus because it allows students to walk to class safely without the snow in the way. 

“Less snow also allows enough parking for students that commute, the faculty and the staff here at Utica College,” Bingay said. “When it comes to snow removal for myself, I brush off my car using a snow brush.” 

Even though students want to remove the snow so it is out of their way, some enjoy it for many winter activities that cannot be done with green grass. Whenever there is a lot of snow outside, people do many things such as snowboarding, skiing, building snowmen, snowshoeing and riding a snowmobile. 

“I love the snow because I am big into snowboarding,” Bingay said. “It is one of my favorite activities during the winter.” 

Not only is snow removal useful for on campus pathways from building to building, some students said snow gets in their way whenever they are travelling to campus or to work on the road. 

First-year student Alexis Chrysler said she believes removing snow is a big deal in order to keep people safe while taking a trip on the road. 

“When there is no snow in the way, it can make traveling less stressful,” Chrysler said. “I know the importance of keeping a clear path for everybody.” 

Depending on the amount of snow, some students have a long way to travel to campus that can make things difficult for them to get to campus on time. 

“The snow is just hard to navigate through,” Chrysler said. “Especially with the wind chill being so cold, I feel like clear pathways are needed for quick and easy trips on campus.” 

When driving in the snow, students should remember to be extra careful so they do not get themselves into an accident. Some safety tips are to drive slow if the road is slippery, leave early in order to make it to class on time and stay off the road if they do not have to come to campus. 

When it comes to removing snow, some students said it takes a lot of time and effort to get it all out of their way for clear pathways to pass by. 

Sophomore Cara Patterson thinks removing snow is a hassle because of the hard work it takes. 

“As I was growing up in our local area, I was able to realize that it is a necessary evil,” Patterson said. “At my house, we used to remove snow manually by using a shovel. Luckily we were able to use a snow blower last winter, which made the process of removing snow a lot easier.” 

Despite her contempt in dealing with removing snow, Patterson loves the snow and winter in general. 

“If I did not like snow, I would certainly have a hard time living in New York State,” Patterson said.

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