Our First Cartoon


Katherine Haight, Staff Cartoonist

Nick McAdam, Editor-in-Chief

This cartoon does not represent the beliefs of The Tangerine editorial board. The campus paper at Utica College has been and always will be used to report factual, unbiased news that’s used to amplify student voices on campus. We want to give you a platform.

With that being said, The Tangerine also wants to be another in a long line of publications that sparks important conversations that need to happen. We firmly believe that this cartoon hits all of our objectives and it will hopefully prompt you to start meaningful and engaging conversations within your community.

We’d love to hear your comments about what we believe is a milestone in diversifying our content to meet the needs of the consistently changing journalism industry.

However, The Tangerine will not accept comments involving hate speech, racism, transphobia, ageism, xenophobia and other forms of dehumanization. You shouldn’t accept such comments either.

Enjoy and stay tuned for what we have coming up.

-Nick McAdam