Alum Column – Fall 22 Tangerine Advisor Megan Postol ‘16


Megan Postol

Megan Postol ’16 pictured above.

Megan Postol, Fall 22 Tangerine Advisor

When I came to Utica’s campus as a transferring junior in the Public Relations and Journalism program, one of the first classes I signed up for was the Tangerine practicum. 

I learned a lot during that semester. The first week I was pretty much clueless about journalism. I did not know how to structure a new story. I was terrified of approaching sources. I was intimidated by AP Style. 

By the end of the semester I had formed a solid understanding, based on the experience I had gained in the Tangerine course. 

The Tangerine opened doors for me that changed the course of my life. After that first semester I joined the Tangerine as an editor. That position gave me experience that landed me my first internship, at a weekly newspaper that later turned into my job after graduation. 

That job led to the position I have now, as a Features Reporter with the Daily Sentinel and as a freelance journalist with several other publications. 

My favorite memories of my time with the Tangerine were Wednesday afternoons in the lab. All of the editors were there doing their work. There was always plenty of laughter, a lot of learning as we went, and maybe even a little bit of tears. 

The Tangerine has the power to open doors for other students, too. It is a way to practice the skills that will be needed in a real-world job, such as interviewing, meeting deadlines, and coordinating with others. It has given generations of Utica students hands-on experience, the courage to tackle the workforce confidently, and the determination to never stand still.