Alum column- Jordan Conestabile


A photo of alumni Jordan Conestabile.

Isabella Hudziak, Editor-in-Chief

“[Some of my favorite memories] were being in all the clubs and organizations I was in– getting to meet new people and getting to do a bunch of fun things. I was the senior class vice president as well as an upper class senator. I was in five or six different committees. I volunteered my time at the theater department and partook in a couple of plays, acting and helping plays, and I was part of the Utica Pioneer Players. I was in the Alumni Leaders of Tomorrow program and the National Society of Leadership and Success. I did quite a bit here on campus. It’s a great way to meet people, especially after transferring from MVCC and COVID happening.

Putting yourself into diverse organizations like Student Government, The Tangerine or even theater will introduce you to people. If you want to meet the tops of all the organizations in the college, join the Student Government. On top of that, you can feel like you’re actually making a difference on campus. With theater, not only did I get to meet a bunch of cool people, but I got to help build a set, learn to build a set and I get to say that I volunteered; I think it’s a win-win. If you have an interest in it, do it. If you get something out of it, that’s great– even if it’s just fun, that’s still something you got out of it and can look back on.

I want to find a job that actually makes a difference and that I can make a significant amount of money to become a philanthropist. My family’s alway done charitable works and I’d like to take that and bring it to a higher level.

For anybody who is trying to get a Master’s Degree, I would highly recommend being active on campus. Being able to say that I volunteered my time and did work for people is what these programs are looking for. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, you can apply up to four times for the Theater Practicum class. It’s a 1-credit class where you can volunteer and help out the theater department. Doing that stuff helps and will look good [on your resume].

Master’s Degrees are all slightly different; they ask for different things. Many Master’s Degree programs will ask for a GRE, a standardized test that you need to take. You need to have that standardized test done before you apply and those tests are very difficult. For anybody who is going to apply for a Master’s, I highly recommend that when you start your senior year, you start looking into it and from there, if they require a GRE or any form of standardized test, you practice as early as possible. Try to take the test half a year early so if you do badly, you can take it again. Every college has a required score you need to get into the college. I’d do [campus] tours in the summer if possible.”

This column was transcribed by Editor-in-Chief Isa Hudziak from an interview with Utica ‘22 alum Jordan Conestabile who graduated with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Theatre. Conestabile will next be attending an online Masters program at University at Albany.