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‘Autumns in Central New York do not disappoint,’ Malaysian student loves experiencing the four seasons

Syamimi Anuar reads while sitting among the colorful leaves. /Photo courtesy of Syamimi Anuar

Studying abroad was my dream since high school and being at Utica University since August 2023 has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have met amazing people from different countries and cultures, and created many sweet memories here. As a transfer student from Malaysia, I am currently a junior majoring in business administration.


Cold weather was not a thing for me in Malaysia. When winter started, I was often asked “How do you find the weather here?” or “Do you like the cold weather?” My answer is always the same: I like snow but I do not like cold weather.


Malaysia has only hot and rainy seasons, so the thought of experiencing all four seasons was exciting for me, and autumns in Central New York do not disappoint. Fall colors have always been my favorite, and getting to see them with my own eyes was like a dream come true. Watching the trees change colors and then the leaves fall every day just like what I saw in movies and videos makes me wish Malaysia had this beautiful season, too.


The weather changed from hot to cold and snow fell. Even though it has not snowed a lot this winter, I am glad that I made snow angels and a snowman when I had the chance. Now, the weather is still cold but spring is just around the corner. I cannot wait to see the flowers bloom, and I love it when people say spring is all about new beginnings. The leaves and plants that begin to grow again and flowers bloom symbolize starting fresh and starting over.


I love the fact that the campus is always filled with activities. One of my favorites was Homecoming Weekend 2023. The campus was filled with celebrations that included spirited alumni and students. There was a carnival, Presidential Todd Pfannestiel’s inauguration, sporting games and other activities. The carnival was so much fun with the rides, games, cotton candy, and more. I am blessed to celebrate Utica University’s rich history and traditions.


As someone who is not into sports, going to sporting events is another story. I remember watching the football game for the first time at Gaetano Stadium. I did not understand the rules but I joined in cheering with the crowd, until I realized that Utica University was leading and they won the game. The feeling was indescribable and I felt pride in  how passionate the players were and how supportive and loud the crowd were.


The New York State Fair in Syracuse was remarkable. The rides there were fantastic, and so was the concert, exhibits, animals and food. Many vendors served different kinds of food including snacks like deep-fried Oreos and candy apples. Both of them were so unique and made me remember them clearly. As an  amusement park enthusiast, I loved the rides and games. Even though the fair was packed with people, I enjoyed quite a few rides after queuing in a long line. One day is not enough to explore everything.


Being far away from home makes me feel homesick sometimes, but I am grateful that I am not alone here; I have my brother who lives in Utica and I am surrounded by the best people. Seeing my brother and his wife and children bring happiness into my life every day. If I am not busy with school, I often spend my time playing with my nephews and nieces. Growing up makes me realize that playing with children is one of the ways that I could escape from reality for a moment because I could use my imagination and have fun without having to worry about anything. Having a great companion is what keeps me going and I truly cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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