The un-punctual pupil

The un-punctual pupil

Joya Pavia, Staff Writer

There are students who commit themselves to arriving on time to class, but there are those who regularly arrive late. Some students may think arriving late to class is no big deal because they showed up, however, chronic tardiness can be interpreted as disrespectful and disruptive.


Sociology professor Kyle Green says he has his concerns with students being late.


“Students start to wonder why they made the effort to come to class on time, but the other person didn’t. I don’t care personally, but I think it is rude because it impacts others,” Green said.


Taylor Klosek, a freshman, never arrives late to class.


“I usually arrive ten minutes early to class. I think it’s respectful to be on time for class and it shows good character,” said Klosek. Klosek prefers to arrive early to class so she doesn’t have to draw attention to herself by walking in late and interrupting the class discussion.


By arriving late and unexcused, it not only shows the professor education is not a priority, but it disrupts the learning of peers.


“If you’re late once or twice, that’s life. Nobody is perfect. But, every day or half a dozen times, it then becomes a problem,” said Journalism Professor Brett Orzechowski, who has an attendance policy that depends on how often the class meets. Professor Orzechowski shares a story with his students about the psychology of punctuality and what people can do to be on time.


Brenna Lyons, a junior, tries her best to not to be late to class, but she has other things going on in her daily life. “Sometimes I am late in the winter because I have to drive to school, I’ll have car troubles or just a hectic morning,” Lyons said.


When asked if she thinks it’s important to be punctual Lyons said, “It’s important to be on time and arrive promptly to class because it shows to the professor you are eager to learn and want to be engaged in the lesson. Being on time also shows responsibility for your actions and being able to manage your schedule well.”


Some tips to arriving on time are: prepare the night before, do not snooze the alarm, take the quickest route to school, go to bed at a reasonable time, make sure you have enough gas, and commit yourself to being on time.