Life after college

Chantelle Boateng, Staff Writer


As college students, do we really know what we want after we graduate? With there being a plethora of job fields, figuring out what is best can be even harder. While some may have their lives figured out, it can be difficult for some students to have a set career path.

Graduating from college doesn’t only come with the responsibility of finding one’s dream job; it includes having to pay off student loans, which is every student’s worst nightmare. In order to make sure you can get that job you have always dreamed of, it is important to have a solid plan as a student.

“Students, as well as graduating seniors, have to make sure that their next steps are defined when going into the work field,” Director of Career Services Halina Lotyczewski said. “Job application materials should be developed or perfected and ready to go when it comes time to graduate.”

Although it is extremely important to know what it is that one wants to do after college, there are students who don’t know where to begin.

“It’s best for students to start speaking to faculty and career services to find what they want to do with their major,” Lotyczewski said.

In order to achieve those goals, one has to make sure that they are doing everything they can to figure out what it is they want to do after college.

“Students have to make sure they are finding job opportunities online,” Lotyczewski said. “ UC Career Connect is a great place to start, and LinkedIn in is a great way to network.” Networking is very important to create and grow your network. You can start with classmates, parents, career service, UC alumni and faculty.

Others know what they have to do in order to accomplish everything they want in life.

“I am hoping to get a job in Human Resources,” senior Megan Lacoss said. “However, I want to own my own company someday or be the CEO of a company. That, of course, will take time.”

With some students wanting to be in charge of a company, there are those who would like to go into the investigative field.

“I want to work somewhere that figures out where terrorist get their money from so that we can cut them off,” freshman Alyson Amodio said. “ Probably at the Department of Homeland Security.”

Finding the perfect job doesn’t end one’s journey. Individuals have to make sure they are prepared for the interview portion of the job field. They also have to make sure they know what to look out for and what benefits they can receive as an employee.

“Students have to understand the salary they need to survive,”  Lotyczewski said. “Career Services helps students understand what it takes to understand salaries. The financial aid office can also help students with how to pay their loans. We also give professional advice on what to do and what no to do in the workplace.”

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