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Pandemic restrictions continue to hinder senior experience
Kevin M. Waldron

Being a senior during a pandemic, opposite from the general senior experience, presents challenges to the class of 2021. 

Some Utica College seniors explained their thoughts on the new hybrid schedule, social restrictions and plans for the future. 

Health Studies major Joseph Capuano does not enjoy the hybrid schedule this year. However, realizes the importance of it in order to keep the school and others healthy. 

“I do not enjoy this because I am a social person and I like being around people,” he said. “I also like learning in class because Zoom has a lot of issues because of internet connections.” 

Senior Christian Carman does not mind the hybrid schedule as much, although did find it a bit confusing in the beginning. 

“The hybrid schedule is working well for the most part,” he said. “I am getting better at it and it’s not bad.”

As far as socializing goes, it is difficult for many college students and students in general. Yet, as for seniors, missing out on the normality of socializing before may hinder their last college experience. 

Capuano enjoys hanging out with friends and being able to participate in larger gatherings such as football games. The new pandemic regulations have limited his abilities to enjoy the things campus offered before. 

“I dislike the fact that we have to stay away from people before we all move away,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Carman also misses being able to see friends more regularly, although he understands the precautions. Despite the regulations, Carman still thinks he is able to have fun during his last year at UC. 

Despite the toll the pandemic has on students and seniors especially, staying optimistic and open-minded towards the future is a must. 

Fortunately for Capuano and Carman, who are both health study majors, there is always an opportunity to receive a job in the health and medical fields. 

“For my field there is always going to be a need for vaccines and medication,” Capuano said. 

As for Capuano, he is focused on enhancing his education in marketing and business classes during his senior year in hopes to work in the pharmaceutical sales industry. 

“I want to start a lower-level job in the field and work my way up,” he said. “Meanwhile possibly going back to school in the future for a master’s in business.” 

Carman is using his senior year to truly focus on his future career and plans. 

“I am not sure exactly what I want to do, but I am leaning towards being a health trainer or coach,” he said. “That is what this year is for, to figure everything out.” 

Overall the pandemic experience for seniors is not the typical and desired experience. 

“I would say it has affected me in a negative way,” Capuano said. “I feel like I am not getting the full college student experience.” 

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