The Tangerine transfers to online publishing for remainder of the semester; will print one final issue


Photo by Maria Montero Silva

Maria Montero Silva, Editor-in-Chief

It is always exciting to see new copies of The Tangerine in almost every corner of the Utica College campus every Friday. This is a sight that will happen one last time this semester as the Tangerine will exclusively publish stories on the website for the remainder of the semester.

The new coronavirus pandemic is posing many challenges to the world, the country and Utica College. While no coronavirus cases have been reported among the UC community as of the date of this statement, students, faculty and staff are now adapting to the new reality that will mark the Spring 2020 semester. The Tangerine staff is no different to those changes.

With classes and most college activities moving to an online format, continuing the weekly publishing of The Tangerine has become a challenge. Our staff consists of 11 members, plus five writers. All of whom are now in different locations around the country and cannot hold essential in-person meetings to guarantee the newspapers are out every week. 

However, The Tangerine is committed to fulfilling the responsibility of informing the public about issues affecting UC’s large community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and families.

That’s why, all stories will be available on our website, as they always have. The only difference is that no Tangerine copies will be printed this Spring 2020 semester, except for one special edition. We will soon provide further details about the specific date of that final issue.

With this, we take this opportunity to thank everybody for their support, patience and loyalty. Being part of a small student-run college newspaper is not easy, as it requires a tremendous effort, lots of multitasking and communication. But for us, it is all worth it when we spot those Tangerine copies all around campus on Friday mornings. 

We hope everybody stays safe and healthy. In the meantime, we will keep informing you.