Educated ‘n’ Caffeinated


Photo by Emmalyn Ylaya.

Emmalyn Ylaya, Tangerine Clerk

Whether it is iced, hot, black, decaffeinated, flavored or frozen, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and coffee lovers abound at UC as students, faculty and staff drink coffee daily.

Whether they drink one cup or multiple cups a day, some people said they need coffee as an energy booster throughout the day. 

Senior Clayton Coonrod is a heavy coffee drinker. He has about three to four cups of coffee everyday and gets his favorite drink both on or off campus. 

“Coffee gives me energy,” Coonrod said. “My favorite coffee is Americano.” 

Coonrod said he gets his coffee at almost every fast food restaurant you can name such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Barnes and Nobles. When he is on campus, he takes advantage of services at the Pioneer Cafe, Common Grounds and Le Bistro.

Sophomore Jessica Blaszak loves drinking coffee with different flavors because without it, she said it’s “hard to function.”

“I like different flavors of coffee such as cookie dough mocha iced lattes, Twix iced lattes and blueberry hot coffee,” Blaszak said. 

Although she does not receive her coffee on campus, Blaszak said she enjoys it from Dippin Donuts and normally drinks two or three cups a day. 

Some dining services on campus have flavored coffees such as a White Mocha at Le Bistro or a Red Velvet Frappe at Common Grounds. 

Assistant Communication and Media professor Ariel Gratch said he does not get his coffee on campus. Instead, he brings his own coffee from home. 

“I drink three cups of coffee daily because of the caffeine and taste,” Gratch said. “I typically drink my coffee black.” 

Even though UC is filled with coffee drinkers, there are also some people that never drink coffee. 

Sophomore Linnea Cotto-Ecklund said she does not drink coffee because she realized that it is a stimulant that could have an impact on her emotions. 

“I try to keep my mind as level as possible where I would never want to drink coffee,” Cotto-Ecklund said. 

People have other alternatives for beverage choices such as, water, soda, tea, hot chocolate and juice that have zero to limited amounts of caffeine in them. Cotto-Ecklund said she would rather drink tea because it is much more suitable for her. 

“The only time that I would drink coffee is when I am out with my friends and it comes with dessert,” Cotto-Ecklund said. “I like the flavor but just not enough to drink it regularly.”