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To Skip or Not to Skip ?

Emmalyn Ylaya, Staff Writer

Skipping class is something many students do from time to time. UC students skip class for different reasons including, wanting to go home early for a long break, feeling under the weather or simply not wanting to go to class.

Although there are students who skip classes on occasion, others are hesitant because of the amount of money spent on their education.

Sophomore Jamie Sharpe has never skipped classes. She knows the consequences when people skip classes.

“I do not skip class because I value the education that I receive here at Utica College,” Sharpe said. “If someone wants to skip class, that is their own choice and they might lose out on their education. The people I know that usually skip class is those that are sick and do not feel good enough to come to class.”

Freshman Rebekah Hedeen never skips her classes out of respect to her professors.

“I do not appreciate it when students skip classes because as a future educator, I think it is important to give the teachers as much respect as possible,” Hedeen said. “I know at least five people in my classes that do skip. There are also people in my classes who are putting in the time and effort into passing their classes, and coming to class even when it is not their favorite.”

Another reason why Heeden chooses not to skip is the cost of tuition.

“We are paying so much money to attend college,” Hedeen said. “Which is the more reason to go to class and never skip.”

Sophomore Shane Walpole does not miss classes because he does not want to fall behind.

“I think people skipping classes is not always a bad thing,” Walpole said. “Sometimes there is nothing going on in class so if they were to skip, they would not be too far behind in the class. I know maybe twenty people that skip classes, which are some that regularly skip that I would think are not doing too well in their classes right now. I would only skip class if I needed to for an emergency or if it was not too important.”

Utica College faculty and staff do not like it when they see students cut class classes. Most professors will indicate in their course syllabus that attendance is mandatory or the student will not pass the course.

English Professor Ron Klopfanstein works hard at making sure his classes are engaging and interesting. He feels disregarded whenever students skip his class.

“I have had students skip in my classes,” Klopfanstein said. “When students skip in my class, they lose the benefit of all the work I have put into planning for each class. It really shows a disregard for my hard work and for the contributions their classmates are going to make in the class discussions and group activities. They should avoid skipping classes as much as they possibly can.”


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