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Favorite Sports
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Alyssa Raga, Staff Writer

Sports can bring anyone together, even the most bitter rivals. For sports fans, there is nothing quite as special or sweet as watching their favorite team win. For athletes, the feeling of playing a game they love is indescribable.

People of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds love sports, not just the athletes themselves. There is something different about all sports that pulls passion out of the sport fans. Everyone loves something different about the sport they are passionate about. For some football fans, sitting in a stadium on a brisk fall day watching a game and cheering as loud as they can is something they look forward to all year. Others look forward to sitting in a tension filled silence watching their favorite tennis player on the court.

Football, basketball, baseball and hockey are usually the first sports that come out of people’s mouths when they are referring to their favorite. However, less popular sports, such as volleyball, also have a large fanbase.  Students across Utica College campus have differing opinions about which sport is the best.

Luke Bushey, a sophomore, loves everything about football.

“I used to play football,” Bushey said. “Now I like watching NFL and going to the games.”

On Sundays you can find Bushey cheering loud for the New York Giants.

“I always liked them, ever since I was younger,” Bushey said.

He especially likes rooting for New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

“I like the way Odell catches the ball,” Bushey said. “I also like the way that he plays with a lot of heart.”

Bushey has a few very special memories from when he played football in high school that he still holds close to his heart today.

“We played a team that was undefeated at home, but beat them by one,” Bushey said. “I also played at the dome and won the sectional championship twice.”

For Bushey, the best part about sports is that they can break barriers between individuals and help build friendships

“It brings everyone together despite any differences that you might have,” Bushey said.

Even though Bushey does not play for any Utica College teams, he still enjoys playing a friendly game of football or basketball with his friends.

Christina Cimino, a senior, likes volleyball, football and soccer.

“Volleyball is my favorite sport because I use to play it in high school,” Cimino said.

One of the things that Cimino misses most from her days as an athlete was working together with others as a team to win.  

“My favorite memory from playing volleyball is the practices because we were all together and we were all friends,” Cimino said. “The teamwork and working with other people to get something done is special.”

Cimino is also a football fan, because it was the way she was raised.

“The Green Bay Packers are my favorite team because that has always been our family’s team,” Cimino said.

Some students at Utica College have a favorite sport that no one would ever think of at first.

“I’m an equestrian, so I ride horses,” said Molly Head, a freshman. “It’s fun and I’m pretty good at it,”

Head’s love of horses has had an impact on other sports she watches as well.

“I like the Denver Broncos because their mascot is a horse,” Head said. “I picked them when I was younger and it just never changed.”

Despite not playing sports in high school, Head still has many fond memories of being with her friends and fellow students cheering for their school’s teams.

“My high school girls basketball team went all the way and went to the dome,” Head said. “It was cool watching them.”

Whether it is riding horses or watching a game on tv, Head loves that sports are so inclusive.

“It’s an outlet for people to get away from everything going on,” Head said. “It makes you feel like part of a team.”

Junior Emir Vukovic loves swimming.

“I use to do swimming when I was younger,” Vukovic said. “I also like to watch the Olympics.”

When Vukovic use to swim, he had some great memories.

“I got trophies when I was on the swim team,” Vukovic said.

Despite no longer swimming for a team, Vukovic still likes to partake in sports in his free time.

“I like to play volleyball with my friends,” said Vukovic.


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