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The motivation situation, or lacktherof

Maggie Reid, Staff Writer


The semester will be over before students know it, and pretty soon, so will the motivation to complete assignments. With less than two months left of the semester, some students will find it difficult to power through while most will find no problems.

Utica College junior Katrina Scalzo makes sure she goes through her syllabus and writes all of her assignments and their due dates down.

“I like to see what I have to do so that I’m not stressed out and drowning in my work,” Scalzo said. “I like to be able to make some free time for myself during the week, rather than my work. I make sure I get everything done early on so I’m not overwhelmed trying to complete things the day they are due.”

Professor Jim Adasek believes that students are less motivated today because of social media.

“After spring break, many students don’t do the work. They should be doing more work, but they keep doing less and having more and more excuses,” Adasek said. “I still love them. I just wish they would find a way to be more motivated. I still care. I just wish there was something I could do to change the trend, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I care for the students as much today as I did before.”

Despite teaching for 51 years, Adasek still finds the motivation to come in to teach his students.

“As long as I keep getting excited to come in, I know that I am going to come back,” Adasek said.

UC sophomore Nicole Herringshaw stays motivated by remembering what her goals are and what she hopes to accomplish in the near future.

“To stay motivated, I remind myself that I have to maintain a certain GPA to stay in the physical therapy program,” Herringshaw said. “I remind myself to work hard so that I won’t fall behind in any of my classes.”

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