I can be your hero, baby

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Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Erik Lyndaker, Staff Writer


One thing that most students have on campus is something you probably would not expect. It’s safe to say that just about every student on campus has either had a favorite superhero or still has one. Whether it be a superhero you use to love as a kid or you keep up with the massive amounts of superhero movies released now.

Utica College junior Anthony Bierria-Anderson did not hesitate when asked who his favorite superhero was and why. Bierria-Anderson responded to the question almost immediately and stated Deadpool was his favorite.

“Deadpool is an against the grain type of guy and I consider myself to be the same,” Bierria-Anderson said. “Deadpool is also one of my favorite movies because it is unlike any other superhero movie I’ve seen.”

Some students, like Utica College senior Juwan Wilson, had to take a moment to decide which was his favorite because he “has changed who his favorite is a few times in his life.” After a few minutes of thinking about it, Wilson responded with, “I’m going to have to say Static Shock is my favorite for a few reasons. When I was a teenager I guess, I related to him so much because he was just a normal teen when he stumbled on his powers. It was cool to watch it unfold.”

Senior Ian Lotz said his favorite is Thor.

“Thor has always been my favorite because few superheroes are based on mythology,” Lotz said.

He also has quite the interesting story to go along with him being a Thor fanatic.

Lotz has dressed as Thor multiple times for Halloween and even sporting events. While attending a Utica Comets game, he and a friend dressed up as superheroes. During this game, they were filmed and put on the big screen.

“The actual footage of us at the game wound up on the hype video for the Vancouver Canucks, which is really cool,” Lotz said.