UC’s moose wanted


Source: homecoming.utica.edu

On the hunt for a new Trax

Jaime Evanoff, Staff Writer

The Office of Student Activities is looking for a new mascot, Trax, to join the team. Trax has a very important job at Utica College, as he appears at games and events across campus.  When students and other members of the college see him, it is hard not to smile or stop to take a picture.

“I think that having a mascot is a big part of the college experience,” Daniel Block said. “Trax is the one responsible for hyping everyone up at the football game.”

Homecoming draws one of the biggest crowds to a home football game and Trax is always there taking pictures and playing with kids.

“Trax is important to have on campus because he adds such great energy,” Block said.

Although Trax is very popular, taking on the roles and responsibilities of Trax is no easy task, according to the coordinator of Student Activities for Events & Services Fran Luca.

“Being Trax is a difficult job,” Luca said. “ Anyone interested needs to be a height of 5-foot-ten or taller.”

For some, being Trax is just a dream because they do not have the time to dedicate to the position.

“I would absolutely be Trax if I had the time,” Resident Assistant Luke Pena said. He has such an important job on campus and I would love to do it.”

For more information on the job, stop by the Office of Student Activities.