Utica College holds memorial for 19-year anniversary of 9/11


Photo: Sidney Domroes

Charles Buckley, Staff Writer

For the past few years, Utica College has organized an event to honor those that lost their lives during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that took place 19 years ago. This year, the event was planned and arranged by UC EMS and Colleges Against Cancer, marking it the third consecutive year that these organizations have come together for the event. 

“This day is a day to remember all the emergency responders and firefighters that risked their lives to save citizens that were a part of this event, along with remembering all the people who sadly lost their lives,” said Mark Vrooman, advisor of the Student Veteran Association. “This is a day that should never be forgotten, and to many of us who experienced it it still feels like it was only yesterday that it happened.”

At noon, a moment of silence preceded remarks that were given by President Laura Casamento and Student Government President Peter Gaughan. Casamento’s comments acknowledged what the day was about and the effects it has had, while Gaughan explained how he perceives the way Sept. 11 has changed society since living in New York these past four years while attending Utica College.

“We will never be the same but if 9/11 has taught me anything about the United States, and especially of New Yorkers, it is your resilience,” Gaughan said.

After the speeches, students and staff stepped up and placed a flag into the lawn in front of the Strebel Student Center, with the flag placement resembling the Twin Towers, where they would be left until Sept. 12 for remembrance and viewing.

“What 9/11 means to me is a time to reflect on the people we lost and a time to be grateful for the people we do have that are willing to risk their lives everyday to do what is right,” said Benjamin Petrison, a freshman and cyber security major.