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Thousands protest stay-at-home orders nationally, claim freedoms are at risk

Several states have extended stay-at-home orders until mid May. While millions of Americans have remained home for several weeks now, thousands took to the streets across the nation to protest the restrictions last week.

“Fascist,” “socialist” or “communist” were some of the adjectives the protesters used to describe their opposition towards the stay-at-home orders, claiming they are jeopardizing Constitutional freedoms and putting businesses at risk. Some are even questioning the seriousness of the global pandemic, which has infected three million and killed 211,099 so far, according to the John Hopkins University. 

“To me, these protests show people don’t care about the well being of others and just want to go back to their normal lives,” freshman Nick Brandolino said.  

Brandolino said he believes that the protests are jeopardizing lives.

“If they continue to go out and do whatever they want, the virus will start to spread at a rapid rate again,” he said

Brandolino said the stay-at-home orders take away Americans’ freedoms, but once the stay-at-home orders are enforced, the debate is no longer about freedom.

Junior Abby Marshall said she thinks the protests are unnecessary. 

She said while she understands that the public may be upset, they can’t do what they please and that these temporary sacrifices are for the benefit of human life.

“Without distance this pandemic won’t get any better,” Marshall said.  “Therefore, these protests can jeopardize our future because the virus will continue to spread, preventing us from ever going back to normal.”

Freshman Phillip Ross said he’s more indifferent about the protests.

“The protests don’t really mean much to me because I’m not participating in them, and I feel like they won’t change anything,” Ross said. “I’m in favor of them because people are standing up for something they want to be changed, but I also feel that the country isn’t ready to lift it’s restrictions.”

Ross said he hopes the country can reopen by summer time and that the government will help aid more with financial barriers. 

He also said this is just a sacrifice that everyone needs to make to keep everyone safe, and people need to be more patient. Ross said instead of physical protests, perhaps people could send mail to the government. 

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