Students aim for success this summer

Jacquelyn White, Staff Writer 

Now that it’s the end of the school year, it means that students will be going home and getting ready for summer and may be going on some vacations. However, summer can also mean that people will be returning to the jobs they had last summer, starting new jobs, taking summer classes or doing a summer internship to help them get good experiences pertaining to the major they’re studying.

Shantia Hunt, a freshman from Rochester, plans on doing multiple things this summer. Firstly, she plans on working to earn money to pay for her books next semester. Hunt works at the Strong Museum of Play in the food court. Hunt splits her time there between Subway, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and an ice cream shop.

Something else that Hunt plans on doing during the summer is working the lights at two dance recitals at her former high school. Hunt has been learning how to do the lights for Utica College this semester, including doing the lights for AIM’s horror show on April 23rd. Hunt also plans on spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend this summer. Towards the end of the summer, Hunt plans on going to Disney for two weeks with her aunt and three cousins.

Carly Tebolt, a freshman from Wappingers Falls, New York, also has some exciting plans for her summer. This past week, she’s applied to five jobs at a hospital near her, to help in her health studies major at Utica College. Along with applying for those jobs, she is also continuing to work at Buffalo Wild Wings to earn extra money as well.

Another part of Tebolt’s summer is going on vacation. She plans on visiting the Adirondacks to go hiking, going on a city trip with a few of her track friends, visiting Long Island to see a friend and also going on a few beach trips. Tebolt further plans on saving enough to get a car this summer so that she and her roommates have a way to get around next year if they can’t wait for the shuttle.