Coach Profile: Alex Fisher

Patrick Rivers
Asst. Sports Editor

Utica College men’s soccer assistant coach Alex Fisher is extremely happy to be here. The soccer program at UC welcomed him with open arms this year and he is here to help mold them into Empire 8 Conference champions. Although he is the assistant to head coach Brian Marcantonio, he has an input on all aspects of Utica College men’s soccer.

September 18
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Fisher was born to Tim and Loretta Fisher in East Hampton, Connecticut. East Hampton is a small place known for its rich history, environmental assets, and small town charm. The town is located approximately 20 miles south of the capital Hartford, Connecticut and equidistant from Boston and New York City, giving residents various opportunities for entertainment.
Fisher has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember.
“I started as soon as I could walk,” he said.
After years and years of youth soccer and club sports, he joined the soccer team at East Hampton High School.
“It wasn’t much of a difficult decision to join the team,” Fisher said. “My school didn’t have football when I was going there.”
They didn’t get a football program until 2011. At the time, there were only a few fall sports offered at East Hampton. Some included cross-country and volleyball. Yet Fisher already knew what sport he loved and wanted to continue playing.
After playing four years of varsity soccer, Fisher wasn’t done. He proceeded to attend Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he made an immediate impact for the program. Having played in and started every game for the Lynx as a freshman, he matured fast. Following his freshmen season, Fisher took a break from playing soccer. He returned to the Lynx in 2010 as a sophomore and helped guide them to the ECAC tournament.
Then, in 2011, Fisher and the Lynx made history as the first program in school history to win the NECC Championship and earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament. He was already no stranger to success on the field, as he led his high school to the CIAC class S State Championship his junior year.
The Pioneers hope Fisher’s success continues in his first year here at UC. Although the program is sitting at 3-4 on the season right now, he says things are looking good.
“We’re making a lot of positive steps forward,” Fisher said.
He also spoke very highly of head coach Brian Marcantonio.
“He is very supportive, I really enjoy working with him.”
So, how did this gig come about?
Well, Fisher broke it down into one word: Networking.
Knowing people is one of the most important factors into getting a job in today’s society. Not only knowing people, but having the credentials and being trustworthy enough for someone to recommend your name. The former head coach at University of Massachusetts Boston informed Fisher of an open coaching position here at Utica and he ran with it.
As for now, Fisher and the Pioneers will continue their season in hopes of becoming Empire 8 champions.
For the future, Fisher one day hopes to become a head coach. Although his playing days are over, (well, organized soccer at least), his passion for the game is never-ending.
Stay tuned for UC men’s soccer throughout the remainder of the year; the program is expecting a lot of positives to come from this season.