A look at the new PS5 and Xbox, students react to another generation of consoles


Photo: TechRadar

Emmalyn Ylaya, Staff Writer

Later this year, Sony and Microsoft will be releasing new and updated gaming consoles, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X; both of which include extra features. 

The PS5 will have lightning fast loading with an ultra-high speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D audio. This console will have 825 GB for storage capacity. 

Microsoft fans can play thousands of titles from four generations of games through reverse compatibility. There will be 1 TB of storage capacity available for this. 

Junior Patrick Campbell thinks the new gaming consoles will be better than the other consoles based on their updated technology available within these devices. 

One of the things that PS4 had that is going to be an update for PS5 is the loud fan issue. 

Senior Ryan Becker is excited about this update being available for PS5, but he is disappointed with one thing that PS5 will have that he liked better on PS4. 

“The PS4 would sound like an airplane taking off a runway,” Becker said. “PS5 is disappointing to me because it will have less storage than the PS4 which I feel should not be the case because of the growing size of video games.” 

Becker said Xbox Series X will be much better than the Xbox One and will be the best Xbox that’s up to date. 

“Just like the PS4 to PS5, it appears that the Xbox Series X will be twice as powerful as the Xbox One,” Becker said. “I like that Microsoft will be offering the Series X and Series S with the X being the more expensive option and S being more affordable which allowed people to buy the version more in their price range.” 

Becker said he complains that the Xbox Series X will cost a lot of money based on its extra storage capacity.

“The 1TB expandable storage drives for the new Xbox will be very expensive,” Becker said. “It’s costing about half the price of the actual machine, which I think is far too much.”