Baseball and Softball set to take trip down south


Alyssa McKenna, Staff Writer

Each year during spring break the Utica College baseball and softball teams travel down to Auburndale, Florida. The trip has many purposes, such as team bonding between softball and baseball and getting prepared for the season.

Throughout the week, the teams play eight to ten games against teams from all over the country.  It allows the players and coaches to see what other competition is like all across the United States. 

There is a complex with five fields that they play on, which makes their days packed with baseball and softball. 

“I definitely look forward to the Florida baseball trip, especially since it is the warmest weather we get to play in,” junior Justin McKenna said. “It’s a great experience for the team allowing us to get ready for conference games.” 

Brendon Sarnowski, a junior on the baseball team, enjoys the sense of routine during the week that feels almost like a vacation to the player.

“A typical day includes waking up early and being in the fields all day,” Sarnowski said. “The days are pretty packed with mostly baseball, other than when we hang out at night time as a team.” 

The trip allows for both teams to get out of indoor practices and start preparation on the diamond, something that isn’t accessible for the teams during the cold months in Utica.

Brian Dinnen enjoys the Florida trip for the level of competition that the Pioneers aren’t used to during the regular season. 

“We take the Florida trip … for us to get ready and take on the season,” Dinnen said.

Junior Madison Judge enjoys the entire experience both on and off the field.

 “I love going to Florida every year,” Judge said. “It gets boring and repetitive just practicing in the dome week after week. Plus, it’s spring break. Of course, we all love being in Florida.” 

When the teams are not in action, they are able to have some free time whether it is at the beach, pool or playing volleyball, and have the chance to make memories.

“When games are over and we have free time to hang out with the teammates we all gather around the pool and play volleyball all day,” Dinnen said. “The memories that we have as a team when traveling down to Florida are unbelievable and something I’ll never forget.”