Favorite Sports


source: ucpioneers.com

Nick McAdam, Staff Writer

Utica College winter sports are coming to a close.

Basketball, hockey and an array of other cold-weather activities will wrap up another season in a matter of time. That means time is ticking for spring sports to begin as athletes will also prepare for the testing season ahead.

As some part of the 2017-2018 season in UC sports wraps up, Pioneer fans reflected on how well their favorite squad did. UC students expressed what their favorite sport was so far this academic year and provided an analysis of how well that certain team did.

Freshman Kristen Clases has a love for football but did not feel the UC football team had an impressive season.

“I’ve only been to a couple of games, but they all seem like a lot of fun,” Clases said. “The homecoming game was packed and we won. I didn’t really keep track of how the team did on the season. I never really heard much about football towards the end of the season, so they might have finished in a negative way.”

The Pioneers football team went 3-7 on the season, dropping all five of their away games.

Overall, America’s pastime, baseball, does not seem to garner the interest of Clases.

“There isn’t a sport I really hate,” Clases said. “I’m not into baseball because it’s just too long for me. Something crazy has to happen in games for me to really watch.”

Freshman Robera Proper’s favorite contests are arguably the top attractions of the fall and winter seasons.

“Ever since I came on campus, I’ve always heard how big football and hockey were,” Proper said. “I have been to a couple of games, and they are always packed with people. The hockey team is very good.”

Like Clases, Proper is not a fan when it comes to baseball.

“It gets boring to me very quick,” he said. “I find it amazing that some people can sit there for a matter of hours for what could be a low-scoring game.”

Freshman Lindsey Rassmussen’s favorite childhood sport is still her favorite sport to this day.

“Volleyball is so much fun,” she said. “I played it in high school, and I’ve considered trying to join the team here. Have to admit that I don’t really catch much of the games. Any sport other than volleyball I could really care less about.”

Utica’s women’s volleyball team went on a 7-23 run this past year with a .233 winning percentage.

The Pioneers have another chance in the spring to attract more fans as sports such as baseball, lacrosse and indoor track all kick off the campaign.