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Op-Ed: The new Madden game still has fan following

Photo: PlayStation Blog

One of the most popular video games since 1990 has been released to the public for its 2021 installment. Every year millions of people line up to buy Madden, the football game modeled after the National Football League. 

However, in recent years many have had grievances with the game due to lack of change. Many people have said that it is the same game every year and the whole reason people still buy it is because of the updated rosters every year. 

I personally have always enjoyed the game and have had no problems with the lack of change. However, some people I talked to had other opinions. 

Junior Kevin Parisi said he purchases the game every year it comes out, but he doesn’t understand why.

“Every year I buy the game but I’m not sure why,” Parisi said. “The graphics are the same and there’s never any new game modes.” 

The main game modes include a “Franchise Mode”, “Face of the Franchise” and “Ultimate Team”. “Franchise Mode” allows you to control a single player or an entire team as an owner or coach. 

This mode has been almost exactly the same for three years now. You can create your own player or use an existing player. If you decide to be an owner you can relocate your team to a new city and choose from a list of made up team names. 

“Face of the Franchise” is a story mode where you are an up and coming quarterback trying to make it to the NFL. This feature is relatively new. It started in last season’s game and carried over to this year. 

“Ultimate Team” is a game mode that has been around since Madden NFL 10. This game mode allows the player to build their fantasy team by using coins and packs that they can earn by playing other games modes, or by simply purchasing them.

Junior James Daniele had his own opinions to share about the new Madden game.

“I buy the game every year and I am always pleased,” Daniele said. “However, I do wish they would add some new stuff, but that’s not going to stop me from buying the game.”   

Daniele continued on to say that the main reason he purchases the game is because of the updated rosters every year. 

Junior Hunter Czora said that he doesn’t play video games that much, but when he does, he has never had a problem with Madden.

“I have never really been an avid video game player, but every now and then I enjoy playing with my friends,” Czora said. “But Madden has always satisfied me. I have never had any complaints.”

From the perspective of a relatively new player, the game does not appear to have any flaws. This could be because they have not played Madden enough to realize the lack of new content throughout the games. 
If you are happy with past Madden games and want new rosters, then this game is for you. If you are looking for new content and more gameplay modes, you might not be happy with the new Madden NFL 21.

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