Keeping up with the Utica College Dance Company


Photo: UCDC Facebook

Gianna Cognetti, Features Editor

The Utica College Dance Company is back for the fall semester despite COVID-19 restrictions. 

UCDC performs during multiple social and sporting events on campus, such as basketball and hockey. Usually, they perform in the style of jazz and hip-hop, yet, for competitions they incorporate contemporary and tap. 

Although sporting events along with the other charity events are cancelled for the Fall semester, the team hopes to still be able to perform at competitions. 

This year the team is made up of thirty members, and must face the challenge of learning dances while social distancing. 

Senior and Therapeutic Recreation major, Emily Kadin is the secretary and webmaster for the team. 

“We always love seeing our members come back each year and getting new members,” she said. “Our team grows every year.”

She explains the team’s new practice routine is nothing like she experienced in her last three years at UC because of the pandemic. 

“We used to practice in the Athletic Center,” Kadin said. “Now we practice outside in the Residential Quad, every student must wear a mask and stay six feet apart.”

This year may be different, however, the team bond is still the same. 

Kadin said she enjoys when the team is together and partakes in something they all love and have a passion for. Her favorite part is watching the team put in a lot of hard work and feeling accomplished after a practice. 

“We all have such a great bond,” she said. “I will definitely miss this team in the spring semester.” 

Because of an internship opportunity, Kadin will be moving on from the team in the spring, however, she will still have high hopes for the team. Regardless, she hopes to see the team have more performance opportunities and possibly compete in more competitions. 

“We travel to different competitions and compete against other college teams,” she said. “We would love to compete more.”

Kadin, like many seniors, would love to see their team carry a legacy. However, for UCDC it is not the traditions that make up the legacy, even though that plays a part. It is simply the team’s willingness to thrive and form a family bond. 

“What I hope the team never loses is the bond and the excitement that the whole team has when we all show up for practice,” she said. “And when we cheer each other on for different events.”