Bryce Berie: A pioneer on the front line


Photo of Bryce Berie Provided by Bryce Berie

Gianna Cognetti, Features Writer

Bryce Berie is a sophomore at UC studying biology with an interest in being a physician assistant. In the meantime, he is in Long Island volunteering with the National Guard and conducting the swabbing for COVID-19 patients. 

For Berie, a typical day in his unit consists of assisting with physicals and conducting blood draws. He also accomplishes all the necessary tasks that are assigned to him. Berie said they administer the nasopharyngeal swab, which they package and send to the lab to test.

Berie’s uncle introduced him to the National Guard. He mentioned to Berie how the National Guard opens many opportunities and can help with affording higher education. Berie took his uncle’s advice and it was a perfect fit for him.

Despite the many opportunities and networking, to Berie, being a part of the National Guard is important because he can use his abilities to help nationally and throughout New York State, he said.

He also educates those who have questions about COVID-19. He encourages people who are interested in joining the National Guard to get in touch with a recruiter as soon as possible, especially those interested in entering the medical field.  

“There is a wide range of jobs offered at guard units depending on their interests,” he said.

Berie said he is appreciative of the experience he gains from his work in the service because he now has knowledge of the various areas of a medic, including the significance of treating patients’ mental and physical health. He said his service with the National Guard is “definitely something I’d like to continue for the foreseeable future as it has been a pretty amazing and enlightening experience.”