Senior Athletes Reflect Upon College Sports Careers

Jacqui White, Assistant Sports Editor

With fall sports coming to an end, that means that some senior athletes are also at the end of their career as an athlete for their team.

Some of these sports include field hockey, men’s cross country, and women’s cross country.

Health studies major Kaitlyn Stinson is a senior on the women’s cross country team who is almost finished with her final season.

Originally from South Kortright, N.Y., Stinson did not start running for the cross country team at Utica College until her sophomore year.

Despite not starting cross country until halfway through college, Stinson has already had a successful running career. She placed top of her races in almost every meet, including coming in third for the Hamilton College meet in the 3K race.

“My favorite memory of running cross country would have to be that we won E8’s last year,” Stinson said.

Stinson explained that with her health studies major she is interested particularly in the physical therapy option. She plans on working in physical therapy once she is done with college.

“I have one more year of eligibility to run for the team next year,” Stinson explained. “If I don’t end up coming up, I’ll probably keep running for fun. I’ll definitely miss the competitive running that comes from cross country.”

Fraud and financial crime major Carly Tebolt, the goalie for the women’s field hockey team at Utica College, just finished her final season in Saturday’s loss to Nazareth College.

Tebolt started playing field hockey in seventh grade in her hometown of Wappingers Falls, N.Y.

“I have two favorite memories from playing field hockey for Utica. My individual favorite memory was that I finished the preseason tests that we had during August,” Tebolt said.

Tebolt explained that during her sophomore year, she had had surgery on both of her legs. After physical therapy, Tebolt wasn’t sure she would do the preseason test, often called the Twelves.

“My other favorite memory is when last year, our team almost won the E8 championships. Losing sucked but it was still fun to play,” Tebolt said.

Tebolt said that even though she couldn’t play last year due to still being in physical therapy, she still felt inspired by her teammates giving their all in the game.

“I’ll miss diving and sliding the most. It’s easier to do with the goalie pads on and it’s fun and challenging,” Tebolt said.

After graduation, Tebolt explained that she plans on taking a year off to travel around the US and another country. Some places she hopes to visit include Hawaii, Texas and Oklahoma.

“I’ve looked up coaching jobs because I don’t want to let field hockey go fully. I don’t think I want to head coach since I don’t know everything about the whole game. Either a goalie coach or a defense coach would work. I would want to do it part-time, maybe in a middle school or a high school,” Tebolt said.

Lukus Becker of the men’s cross country team has almost completed his final season. Becker explained that he started running for cross country in seventh grade in his hometown of Berne, New York.

“I continued on into college because I had a lot of support from family, my running family and because I really wanted to push myself to the next level,” Becker said.

Becker explained that one of his favorite memories of running cross country actually happened away from the terf.

“We ran through downtown Utica as one big team and members of the group started singing. Before long, it was everyone singing as we ran the streets and we probably seemed ridiculous or crazy but it was a super fun experience,” Becker said.

Becker said that he thought doing the run and singing like they did showed the bonds that the members have formed as a team.

Becker also said that after he finishes his biology major at Utica college, he plans on continuing on to veterinarian school. He plans on being a large animal vet so he can help farmers with their animals throughout the region.

“After college, I plan on still running. It’s too addictive to give up. I might try and push myself to run longer distances like half marathons or full marathons. Mostly your weekend 5ks would be just perfect,” Becker said.