Op-Ed: Olivia Rodrigo and her number one song on Billboard


Photo from NME

Gianna Cognetti, Copy-Editor

Olivia Rodrigo, an 18-year-old singer from Temecula, California, has made it to number one on Billboard’s Top 100 List with her new song Driver’s License. There is a simple reason for this, the song has and will always be relatable to a wide range of people. 

“Driver’s License is a deeply emotional song, in my opinion,” UC student Luke Minerva said. “It will be one of my favorite songs of all time for the foreseeable future.” 

In the song, Rodrigo tells a story about her now ex-boyfriend. She had passed her driver’s test and was able to drive to see him for the first time, but unfortunately, he was not around. The drama deepens as it is later found out Rodrigo’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her with another well-known star, Sabrina Carpenter. 

Rodrigo has sought therapy for her personal life, and her therapist recommended she write and perform a song sharing how she feels. As the public was able to listen and understand Rodrigo’s side of the story, the song gained much popularity. Fans figured out who and what the song was pertaining to and gave their input on the situation. Since the song was one-sided, it then inspired Carpenter to then write a song based on her own perspective. And so the “battle of the bands” started. 

Although popular mostly with females, it is also a song many males tend to enjoy as well. Everyone can and will go through some type of heartbreak in their life, and the song captures it in a very relatable and catchy way.

“I think the subject addressed in her song strikes a chord with a lot of people,” Utica College Music Professor Lynn Ferrara said

Heartbreak is not easy for anyone to go through but sometimes when a prominent figure sings or shares about their experiences, it makes it easier to go through. It does not make people feel alone, it shows that everyone goes through these types of situations. Sometimes people are blinded by reality when they compare their timeline to someone else’s highlight reel. It also shows a human side of her, the person many do not see when she is acting in Disney’s High School Musical re-make. 

The drama behind the song is creating controversy. Where others find nothing wrong with the song, some have called Rodrigo “dramatic.” Some believe the personal drama in each star’s life is the result of the Driver’s License song to be very well known. 

“I do not think it is overrated at all,” Minerva said. “I think this song is just a sample of what is to come for the young singer as she seems to be pretty talented.”

Despite the drama that may or may not helped make the song become more popular, it is evident that Rodrigo obtains the talent necessary to perform such a song. There is emotion in her voice throughout the whole song, and the lyrics “hit home” for many. 

“I think if she has a vision of what she wants to do with her music in the future she will go far,” Ferrara said.