UC students decide whether or not they want to upgrade to the iPhone 12


Photo: Phone Arena

Emmalyn Ylaya, Staff Writer

Apple has been releasing updated and newly designed iPhones since 2007. About a few weeks ago, Apple announced the iPhone 12 release. This iPhone’s design is similar to the iPhone 11, however the iPhone 12 has a feature of 5G network where people will be able to make downloads, stream music and movies without any connection problems. 

Although the iPhone 12 looks similar to the iPhone 11, the back cameras will look different on the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max based on how the three cameras are designed. The iPhone will have multiple colors available such as black, blue, green, red and white. 

It will also feature a super retina XDR display with a 6.1 edge-to-edge OLED display. A ceramic shield with four times better drop performance and night mode on every camera as well as ultra wide and wide cameras. 

For anyone who has owned an iPhone X or an iPhone 11, face ID will be available on the iPhone 12 as well. 

Even though the iPhone 12 is releasing with new updated features, some students have decisions to make on if they will be upgrading from their current phones. 

Senior Morgan Grandshaw currently owns an iPhone 8 plus, which she plans to keep instead of purchasing the iPhone 12.

“Even if I wanted an iPhone 12, I could not afford it at the moment,” Grandshaw said. 

The iPhone 12 will cost $799 as a starting price. Anyone interested in purchasing one can pre-order one on Friday, Nov. 6 or purchase in stores on Friday, Nov. 13. 

Depending on which carrier everybody goes for whether they have Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile, everybody can check out the websites of these companies for deals or offers on the iPhone 12. 

Sophomore Shayla Seymour said the iPhone 12 seems cool, but does not plan on buying it. 

“I love the iPhone I currently have, so I’m keeping it and not going to purchase the iPhone 12,” Seymour said. “I don’t need to get the newest thing just yet.”  

Not everybody upgrades their phone every time a new iPhone gets released with extra features available. Some students believe the iPhone 12 might not be worth the money and upgrade.  

Senior Carl Bargabos said the iPhone 12 is not worth an upgrade. Instead, he suggests that if anyone who is looking to purchase a new iPhone should get the iPhone SE. 

“If I were to upgrade my current iPhone to a new one, I would go for the SE,” Bargabos said. “Since the iPhone 12 is very expensive and the iPhone SE is cheaper than the 12, I feel like it would be unnecessary to purchase the iPhone 12 whereas the iPhone SE is still like a regular iPhone.” 

Bargabos said he cares more about computer power than a good camera, so as an average user the iPhone SE is just better. 

“For anyone who doesn’t use technology much, it’s simpler for them to use the iPhone SE,” Bargabos said. 

Senior Chelsea Anderson said her iPhone XS works perfectly fine where she doesn’t need to upgrade to the new iPhone 12. She has had her iPhone XS for about two years. 

“I think the iPhone 12 is just focused on the design and 5G network where I don’t think it’s much of an upgrade compared to the current iPhones,” Anderson said.