Students unhappy with Trump refugee ban

Kaitlyn Tambasco, Staff Writer

Less than two weeks into his administration, President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from Muslim-majority countries.


Many from the Utica College community expressed empathy toward refugees and immigrants affected by this order, which puts an indefinite ban on all refugees and immigrants from Syria, while putting a 90 day ban on those from Iran Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan.


Freshman Ivy Couvertier referred to President Trump’s latest action as an “inhuman act”.


“They [refugees] are dying by the thousands and begging us to help them,” Couvertier said.


Couvertier emphasized the role the United States plays as a world power, and feels that the country needs to “step up” and show it is a leader.


“Trump is tearing this country apart with hatred,” Couvertier said. “This ban is starting up more conflicts with other countries as well, which will lead us into war. And it is heartbreaking that people are defending him and everything that he is doing.”


Junior Ashley Dobmeier feels the threat of radical Islamic terrorism exists, but is “blown out of proportion”.


“The fact that people were detained in airports is unacceptable,” Dobmeier said.

Despite arguments from the Trump administration that the executive order is not about religion, Dobmeier remains skeptical when considering the priority that will be given to Christian refugees seeking to come to the U.S.


“Religious freedom is a value that this country was built on, and the ban goes against that value.”