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Hidden talents at UC

Kaitlyn Tambasco, Staff Writer

Simone White, Freshman

Simone White is a freshman majoring in sociology, and her hidden talent is her ability to sing.

White started to sing along with the radio when she was growing up.

“I didn’t truly start singing in front of people until my freshman year of high school,” White said. “I was in music class and started singing along with my music teacher playing the guitar and he talked me into doing the talent show.”

White enjoys singing older music that can make the listener feel what she’s saying. She likes songs from the “Indie Age” like Bob Marley’s “One Love” or Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie”.

“They have such a unique way of having the listeners feel every lyric that they are singing,” White said. “And you don’t find that anymore.”

Calica Yaworski, Junior

Junior Calico Yaworski is studying communication arts, but also has an ability to write songs, which she found when she was six or seven years old.

“Even if it was just a small set of lyrics, I found myself allowing my feelings to leak onto paper,” Yaworski said.

Yaworski started writing songs because she was in need of an emotional outlet. She remembers writing letters through music and it became her own kind of therapy.

Out of all the genres of music, she enjoys writing indie pop music.

“When I write a song, I always write it with music,” Yaworski said. “Guitar and/or piano are my go-to’s, but mainly guitar.”

Yaworski added she writes the stereotypical break up songs, but has also written more happy songs.

“Anyone that makes me feel emotion intensely usually gets a song written about them, whether they know it or not.”

Alma Urrutia, Freshman

Freshman Alma Urrutia has enjoyed taking photos from when she started in middle school.

“I guess art just runs in my family,” said Urrutia, when asked how she became interested in photography.

Urrutia said she likes to capture the moment, and prefers photographing children rather than adults or scenic pictures.

Brittany Smith, Freshman

Birttany Smith is studying accounting, but also has a talent for cooking.

Starting when she was 10 years old, Smith first wanted to try cooking after watching her mom. Her favorite dishes to make are Chicken Scampi and Beef Wellington.

Smith gained additional experience after taking a culinary program that was offered through her school.
Before college, Smith would cook almost every day.

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