Tutoring continues to benefit students

Omar Renta

Staff Writer

Now that midterms have breezed by, students should have a consensus of how they are performing in their classes. Midterm grades are posted, and those who are struggling with keeping up with the curriculum may need a game plan to prepare for finals.

There are many resources available to help guide students in the right direction. Hiring a tutor is one of the most common and most effective ways to seek help. From Anatomy to Philosophy, tutoring services offer one- on-one time with fellow students who show expertise in a particular subject.

and will help students achieve grammatically and stylistically clean papers while avoiding plagiarism. They are also helpful in sparking inspiration for writers and give constructive criticism within a week. For students who are excelling in their classes, tutoring is a great opportunity to earn extra cash and make a difference.

“It’s so rewarding to see my tutees have that light bulb moment, when everything clicks,” senior Stream Coniguliaro, who tutors Psychology, said. “There are so many high concepts to grasp that having a tutor helps students get the simplified version, which helps them understand the information better.”

Along with Academic Support and Student Success, Tutorial Services has worked tirelessly toward providing students with UC’s top tutors.

Tutorial services aren’t limited to helping students learn the material. Tutors supply students with the building blocks to academic success by teaching tutees how to develop effective study habits, manage their time, and prepare for exams.

Tutorial services offer a wide range of resources to a variety of majors and subjects. Tutors show versatility in their knowledge of subjects and practice patience with their tutees, which serves for a comfortable learning atmosphere. Tutors can be the push that a student needs to improve their grades and finish off strongly.

All tutoring services are free to UC students. Located in the Frank E. Gannet Memorial
Library, the math and science Smarthinking is a resource center is available for students who need help in subjects ranging from statistics to geology. There is also a drop- in tutoring table, where tutors who are proficient in multiple subjects are available for students to drop in for help.

The writing center is equipped with staff and computers to encourage students who struggle with writing to write. The staff is proficient in English that is readily available for students with complicated schedules. Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that UC students have complete access to. Tutors are on call 24/7 for students to chat with and answer questions during late night study sessions.

Applying for a tutor is a quick and painless process. All students need to do is fill out an online application, and a tutor will be assigned to them