Ten Most Helpful Student Websites


Source: addthis.com

Robert Walters, Staff Writer

Many people say that today’s college students have it easy.

All the information they need is at the click of a button, so they can easily complete all academic projects after browsing the internet for a few hours. Realistically, it is very difficult to find which websites are the best student resources. This article includes a list of 10 websites that have potential to help you become a smarter student with a less hectic life.

1. Quizlet

No longer do you have to get a cramped hand by spending hours writing out notecards. Quizlet helps you study for any subject by offering simple, free learning tools like flashcards, games and more that helps turn learning into a fun activity.

2. StudyBlue

Many students say that you can never have too many resources to help you study. Like Quizlet, StudyBlue helps you prepare for tests with online flashcards, resources for organizing class notes and more. You can even share study materials with other students around the world.

3. Dictonary.com

When you do not understand what your professor is saying or have trouble with understanding words in a book you were assigned, you can look up the word or phrase on Dictionary.com.

4. Google Drive

This article naturally lists one of the world’s most convenient cloud-based storage services. If you have Gmail, you’re probably already using it.

For those unfamiliar with the service, Google Drive is free to use and allows you to create, store and access files from anywhere in the world where you have internet. So you will never have to worry about saving a paper to your computer or losing all your progress on the term paper you spent all night writing. You can also create files that can be shared and edited by multiple people, so it is a must-have for group projects.

5. Rate My Professor

Do you want to know if you have a tough professor next semester? With Rate My Professors, you can. The website was built by college students and made for college students. You can browse through 14 million user ratings of 1.3 million professors across 7,000 schools.

6. Fastweb

Student loans are becoming the norm due to the skyrocketing price of college tuition. However, you should limit your loans to as few as possible and Fastweb helps you find college funding to meet that goal.

Fastweb matches college students with scholarships and financial aid offers. You simply create a profile and answer survey questions then Fastweb will find scholarships that you are most likely to qualify for based on your survey response. With a database of more than 1.5 million scholarships, this is the first place students should start looking for college funding.

7. Student Rate

Student Rate can be your shopping friend. This site gives student discounts for everything from textbooks to clothing. Browse it in the store and be surprised at the deals you can find!

8. KeepMeOut

Do you get distracted by your favorite social media sites while doing your homework? There is a website to help you control the urge to browse sites when you are supposed to be completing assignments. This site works like a blocker — it will prevent you from accessing your favorite sites for a set length of time so you can focus on your work.

9. Groupon

In college, every dollar counts! If you and your friends are looking to try out a new restaurant or if you are looking for some alternative Friday night plans, make sure you check Groupon first. This site provides access to coupons, discounts and sales/clearance information. Groupon also offers deals on everything from dining out to shopping products based on your location.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is a widget available for download that will help you become a better writer by correcting your spelling and grammar. Grammarly is far more advanced than Microsoft Word’s spell check and will also suggest better words to use with its thesaurus.