A freaking petting zoo!


Ben Mehic, Managing News Editor

Chickens, ducklings, piglets, a horse and a cow. It’s not the start of Old MacDonald – it’s a concise summary of what happened behind Boehlert on Monday, April 24 from 12 to 4 p.m.

Students had the chance to interact with animals in the afternoon as a part of the petting zoo put together by the Utica College Programming Board.

As a New York City resident, junior Crystal Bent-Taylor was excited to see animals that she hasn’t gotten a chance to interact with. Bent-Taylor said she was particularly interested in having a chance to mingle with the baby goat.

“I was really interested in seeing the goat,” Bent-Taylor said. “It’s a great stress reliever before finals week.”

The chickens and the baby goat got the most love from those on campus, but a line formed to ride the horse, too. The turkey frolicked around, but students weren’t too interested. When the animal keeper threw the turkey into the air to fly, students ducked for cover, avoiding it altogether.

Students gathered around to take Snapchat selfie photographs with the animals – mainly the chiclets and the baby goat. Bent-Taylor didn’t take any photos, but did record a video.

“It was animals galore,” she said. “There were cows and sheep running around on campus.”