Puttin’ in some summer work


Jacqui White, Staff Writer

With the end of the school year coming up, student athletes will be without their coaches to direct their workouts. For some men and women’s teams, their coaches do give them summer workouts, along with doing their own types of workouts.

Imani Vincent, who plays wide receiver for the football team at Utica College, explained what the football team does during the summer to help to keep in shape while they’re away from college.

“All the football players get a summer workout from our strength and conditioning coach, Will Puff,” Vincent, a health studies major, said.

Vincent also explained that the summer workout is done five times a week and that the workout varies from running or lifting.

Jake Gerson, a forward on the hockey team, also said that his team is given programs to do during the summer.

“Steve Dowd, who works for Sports Performance Institute (SPI) and as the strength and conditioning coach for men’s and women’s hockey, gives us programs with different phases in them to use during the summer,” Gerson explained.

Samantha Whitehouse, a junior who plays both softball and field hockey, relies on the field hockey workout during the summer to keep her in shape for the fall sport.

“I do know that in the off-season for softball, and throughout the traditional season, we follow a workout plan with SPI,” Whitehouse explained.

Another softball player, Natalie Lawrence, explained that the coaches also send a workout schedule during the summer to the players.

“We get a workout schedule over the summer emailed to us by our coaches that have exercises that we could do and weightlifting that we would do during preseason,” the outfielder explained.