Vandals strike UC campus again


Maya Lasram, Contributor

A $2,000 reward has been offered for anyone who identifies the person or people responsible for the racist and homophobic graffiti found on Bell and Burrstone’s walls this semester.

This is what Utica College President Laura Casamento promised during Thursday night’s mandatory meeting in Bell Hall.

This is the second time this semester Utica College’s dormitories were vandalized with racist or homophobic language in the residence halls. A college residence hall should be a place where students can feel comfortable and safe, but it appears that the first warning was not enough to stop people from spreading hateful words.

While some felt the first incident in Bell Hall was not handled correctly, Casamento wanted to make sure everyone realized she is taking the issue this very seriously.  

“I will offer $2,000 to the person who reports that son of a b****,” Casamento said.

She went to on to explain, “You are my family, and I get very angry when someone messes with my family.”

To encourage students to report the crime, Casamento said the reward will not be taken from tuition fees, they will be handed out in cash to whoever names the vandal.

Student opinions differ on how the incident is being handled as some thought that it was the right thing to do and others think that Casamento is taking things too far.

“I think that she should have given a chance to the student who did this to come clean and that they could have found a solution to this together,” said Emmi Pfister, a Utica College student who is majoring in journalism. “Kicking him out of the school is too extreme.”

All students living in Bell Hall were present at the meeting, and attendance has been taken. RA’s made rounds of the building to knock on doors and send people to the conference center. No one was permitted in their room while the meeting was happening.

“Attendance will be taken, and any absent students will be recorded,” said area coordinator Lauren Crandall in an e-mail sent to all Bell Hall residents.