Student Government Association presidential debate on April 5


Utica University

Courtesy of Utica University website, depicting an orange sign with the name.

Isabella Hudziak, Editor-in-Chief

For the first time in many years, the Student Government Association is holding a debate between two presidential candidates on April 5 at 3 p.m. in Hislop Auditorium located in Thurston Hall.

The candidates are second years Kathi Jabe, a biochemistry major with a minor in human rights advocacy, and Kyle Mitchell, a political science major.

“They’re both very good candidates. They both have their pros and cons,” said Tyler Stottsberry, a cybersecurity major and the current SGA chief justice. “I think either way with either one of them winning, the school will be in a good spot and the students will be in a good spot.”

Stottsberry organized the upcoming debate and explained that it will follow standard debate structure. There will be six main categories with 30 questions, along with questions submitted via Google Forms which was sent in an email from the SGA Communications Team.

The candidates will be posed a question with time to give an initial response, a rebuttal and a re-rebuttal. The debate is expected to take one and a half to two hours total.

According to Stottsberry, one of the goals of this debate comes from the recent past of SGA presidents running unopposed, which creates a sense of doubt of the president’s reflection of student voices and validity of their election.

“I think when we have more than one person running, it’ll get rid of all of that [concern] so whoever takes the position, for them, they won’t have to worry about did I actually earn it, or was I just the only person?” Stottsberry said. “Which I think will be a positive thing and make [whoever is elected] a stronger leader.”

Colby Kusinitz, the current SGA president and cybersecurity major, said he believes a strong leader for the students is necessary during this transitional time when current Provost Todd Pfannestiel is inaugurated as the tenth president of Utica University.

“My team has taken great strides to bring the two candidates, Kathi and Kyle, to the students. I encourage all students to not only attend the debate but to also consider running for student government if they feel passionate about student life and student issues,” Kusinitz said. “Students should be the change they want to see in student government.”

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