Tips on adjusting back to college life

Maria Hughes

Staff Writer

The transition from summer to school is harder than most would think. Anyone who has ever done it knows it is one of the more trying tasks of the semester (even harder than some future assignments). Difficulty aside, with a few tips and tricks each and every student should be able to master the art of “getting back to school” with grace and ease.

The biggest adjustment for most students is their sleeping schedule. While on vacation, many students do very minimal sleeping, it’s important to get an adequate amount of nightly sleep to prepare your mind for classes. Many students find this is the hardest thing to get used to.

Lack of sleep mixed with earlier mornings than most can remember leads to some tired students. While it is agreed by most students that adjusting to a school schedule requires some effort, each and every person has their way of coping with the back-to-school journey.

“I wake up earlier so I have time to get all assignments completed,” sophomore Stephanie Treadwell said. “I would suggest just taking it day by day so you don’t get overwhelmed.”

Keeping in touch with friends during the school year can give students something to look forward to during their down time and can keep them motivated throughout their studies. Having a support system during the initial transition from summer can definitely make it easier.

Aside from having friends by their side, staying organized is another tip that can help keep students on the right track after a long summer vacation. Junior Mikayla Dihrberg is an avid believer in being organized and staying on top of things.

“The way that I adjust from summer to getting back into the swing of things at college is by using a planner,” Dihrberg said. “Using a portfolio, managing my time wisely and staying focused and not procrastinating are all important. The best advice that I can offer is to be sure to set aside time for yourself otherwise you will burn out quickly.”

This advice is crucial. Taking time out of every day to focus on themselves and their happiness is especially important when it comes to adjusting from summer to school. The beginning stages of getting back to school can be tough mentally if students are not still making sure to take time for themselves.

The stress of getting back to school can also be alleviated with some organization. Staying on top of assignments, due dates and tests can make the transition more relaxing. When students keep track of what they need to a list or on a calendar, they can cross things off and be sure that they are completing all that needs to get done.

Another important piece of advice when getting back to school is maintaining a regular schedule to help keep students on the right track and to make the adjustment smoother. Senior Nick Allen suggests keeping a solid routine and sticking to it is the way to ease into the school mindset.

“A tip for adjusting is understanding that school comes first,” Allen said. “You’re there for a reason, and it’s important to keep that in mind.”