Op-Ed: Top UCTV episodes of the spring semester


Source: UCTV

Corrine Bush, Contributing Writer

Did you know Utica College has a full television studio right in the basement of the Faculty Center?

Utica College Television (UCTV) is a student-led organization that creates PSAs and television programming promoting the college’s academic and athletic departments and other student organizations. With four walls and three cameras, the possibilities are endless. 

Members of UCTV have been hard at work this semester producing three shows a week, recapping sports, informing students on local and national news and keeping the campus updated on different events happening.

A sizable body of work has been produced from about ten staff members, so here is what the crew considers its best and most interesting episodes. 

UCTV Overtime

Many people may not realize how much goes into the creation of each sports recap, but to break it down, there are three main aspects of an episode: writing, gathering game video and producing.

For this semester we followed sophomore Ryan Kulawy and junior Ethan Tremblay throughout the crazy season of all sports happening during the spring semester.

One of the club’s best episodes of this series was streamed on March 22. As this may be the longest episode, a broader range of sports was covered, including the beloved hockey games. Because this episode was a bit longer, we included a quick ‘commercial break’ highlighting different clubs on campus.

UC News

With so much negativity surrounding newsrooms today, the UCTV production team challenged students to highlight positive news stories happening weekly in the world. As there were many weeks with varying hosts, a familiar face and the most frequent host for this show was sophomore Francis Tavino.

The best episode with the most positive news was live on April 20, including a story about a family of geese, not chickens, who tried crossing the road.

UCTV’s MooseNow

This series focuses on events happening on campus.

Hosted by the freshmen of our club, myself and Mark Mason, we brought you electrifying updates each and every Wednesday afternoon.

The top MooseNow episode streamed on March 24 and was the first episode to go live this semester. We were energetic, making this a more enjoyable episode to watch.

For a change in scenery, UCTV also produced an episode on St. Patrick’s Day, modifying the background to mini UCTV shamrocks. You can find that video here.

Instagram @uctvclub

Although it may seem odd to include the top social media posts of UCTV’s Instagram (which you should totally check out and follow), this was a good place to find Behind the Scenes footage and live sporting score updates.

Kicking off the semester, followers found well wishes for a positive semester from the team. However, the fun was just beginning. As sporting events started picking up, updates of the score were ready and waiting.

From men’s and women’s ice hockey thrillers to intense basketball games on the court, videos and pictures were posted to the clubs’ story as frequently as possible.

Content students found very helpful was posted on March 23, during the one and only UC home football game.

In the top MooseNow episode, there is also a behind-the-scenes in the control room episode recorded as an IGTV Reel, exclusive to the Instagram following community (see, I told you it’s worth the follow).

If you would like in on the UCTV action, contact Advisor Laura Lewin at [email protected] or come visit us in the studio located at FC B03. 

Corrine Bush, a freshman Public Relations/ Marketing major, is a production aide for UCTV.