F/NC option not being offered to students this semester


Photo by Alexandria Leland.

Hannah Steyn, Assistant News Editor

This semester, Utica College is not offering students the F/NC (fail/no credit) option which was offered in previous semesters, in light of the pandemic. This option replaced an F on a student’s transcript with an NC (no credit), while other grades remained as recorded on their transcript.  

 According to Todd Pfannenstiel, the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, the decision to not continue this in the spring was for multiple reasons.

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 “First, the spring semester was less of an adjustment for students, compared to the fall when hybrid courses were first introduced,” Pfannenstiel said. “In addition, continuing the ‘F/NC’ process might create a mistaken belief that a student is not facing academic challenges when they actually are. This will permit the College to identify the support and resources a student needs in order to improve their academic performance.”

Pfannenstiel said this news was delivered to students at the start of April when they were also reminded of the last day to withdraw from a course without penalty, and thus it should come as no surprise to students that they will receive the grades they have earned.

“Our students have been outstanding this semester,” he said. “This has not been an easy academic year for anyone – students, faculty, or staff – yet we have once again displayed the resilience for which UC is known.”

Pfannenstiel said many students will still earn excellent grades by the end of this semester. He added that those who struggle academically will continue to receive the full support of the College to turn it around.

 “As we return to traditional ground experiences and classes this fall, everyone will hopefully be recharged and ready to move forward,” Pfannenstiel said.

As the end of the semester approaches along with finals week, Pfannestiel encouraged students to remember that the end is close and to use this knowledge to give it their all.

“When I was a student, many years ago, I often reminded myself in the last few weeks of any semester that the finish line was in sight,” Pfannenstiel said. “This gave me the extra energy to study hard as my classes came to a close.  It also provided some comfort that summer was only a few weeks away.  So don’t worry, try hard and know that wherever you land with your final course grades, the College is here to help you succeed.”