SGA Elections: Positions open now


Photo from Alexandria Leland.

Charles Buckley, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) will be holding elections as students graduate from Utica College, leaving many of the positions such as president and chief justice unfilled for the fall semester.

Other positions available for the upcoming fall semester include upper and underclass senators, senators-at-large, a graduate senator and class officers for the years of 2022 through 2024.

Most of these positions open when a student is graduating. When a student graduates they tend to look back at reasons that they liked being a part of SGA so much and why people should take the opportunity to take these positions.

“I started SGA my first semester at UC and have been involved every semester since, while the superstructure is very much still the same; there have been big changes,” said Peter Gaughan, a political science and geoscience major, who is also the current SGA president. “In my four years, we’ve added a Civic Engagement Center, we’ve developed community committees, we’ve discussed high-stress issues and we’ve also responded to tragedies and raised funds to overcome them.”

SGA is known for not only helping run the student community on campus but they help faculty and staff enforce rules. As president, Gaughan is in charge of running everything that the SGA does, including meetings and events. 

Gaughan said that SGA is now more active than it was when he started and it’s taken on helping with producing more impactful programs to ensure a fun, safe and overall great community here on the campus.

Along with his experiences, Gaughan also stated a reason why people should take this opportunity to be a part of the SGA.

“SGA is absolutely an opportunity to take advantage of,” Gaughan said. “It is the best platform to communicate directly to administration and change-making at a campus-wide level so I strongly urge anyone with a passion for their community to run for office.”

While some students in SGA are graduating this year, some are still here for next semester and are re-registering for their position.

“I’m currently serving as the communications director of SGA,” said Kat Hawley, a sophomore and animal behavior major. 

While serving as the communications director, Hawley said it’s her responsibility to take minutes not only during meetings for the House of Orgs, but she also has to take minutes for the student senate as well. However, that’s not only the things she does as the communications director as she also helps with reminders and planning, as well as taking on the responsibility of social media.

“I send meeting reminders, send official emails and invitations on behalf of SGA and manage the SGA social media accounts,” she said. “I also plan the annual SGA banquet. Most importantly, I have to be available to students to bring concerns to the attention of SGA and appropriate administration.”

The Senate also wants people to take a chance at this opportunity and help. The Senate is also looking for people to join their positions. Chief Justice Joe Quinn has been a member of the senate and SGA for the last four years, his job involves overseeing the Senate and making sure they are doing their jobs, and also continuously updates the Constitution to make it as well written as inclusive as possible. Quinn also says there are some reasons why people should consider this opportunity.

“If you have any plans to work in government or law in the future, want to surround yourself with intelligent and driven people and are looking for something thing that helps on a resume, SGA is for you,” Quinn said.

The deadline for position submissions is Monday, April 5. For more information, visit: