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UC’s Coffee Culture

Chef Art Langdon drinking his cup of coffee. Photo by Issatou Fall.

Amanda Fanelli, Staff writer 

Coffee is like breathing to some students; they need it to survive. Whether it’s cramming for an exam and pulling an all-nighter or that kick start first thing in the morning, coffee is an essential part of college life for many.

Studies have suggested that moderate (caffeinated) coffee consumption does have some health benefits. Lowering cardiovascular disease, lower rates of depression and protection against type II diabetes are some of the potential health benefits of drinking coffee.

On the other hand, caffeinated coffee consumption can also have negative side effects. These can include headaches, insomnia, heartburn and palpitations to name a few.

Shae Kallasy, a senior nursing major, drinks coffee every day. Kallasy said she usually has two to four cups of coffee each day. She drinks her first cup before her first class, usually around eight or nine in the morning. Kallasy’s coffee of choice is black coffee.

“I think it helps me wake up, but doesn’t last me through the day,” Kallasy said. “I’m definitely addicted. I tried to give it up once this summer but I faced major withdrawals such as headaches and fatigue.”

Kallasy said that she realized coffee has both positive and negative effects on her when it comes to school.

“It is good for a burst of energy in the morning, but I drink too much sometimes and get too much energy,” Kallasy said.

Danielle Kall, a psychology child life major, tends to drink coffee every other day and only has one cup throughout the day. She prefers to drink coffee right in the morning around 8 a.m. Kall also stated that when it comes to schoolwork drinking coffee does not affect her.

“Honestly, I don’t find it to effect me much but I do love the taste,” Kall said.

Kall likes regular brewed coffee such as Utica Coffee Roasting Co.’s. She also said that she will have a Red Bull once in a while but tries to stay away from other caffeinated beverages such as soda.

Senior Lisa Howden has realized that coffee can both positively and negatively affect you.

“I feel like coffee positively impacts my school work. Finals week is a good example, during finals week I’m usually studying all day, so a coffee in the morning wakes me up to study early and then another one to two cups of coffee allows me to not get drowsy while I study throughout the day. I’m not sure if I would have the stamina to study all day if I didn’t have coffee in the morning and throughout the day.”

Howden also said that coffee can sometimes only wake her up to a “certain extent.” “There are days where I feel like no matter how much coffee I drink I feel exhausted, but most days it wakes me up for class.”

She usually drinks coffee everyday, especially in the morning so she can have it for class.

“I like all types of coffee, some days I like dark roast or a flavor. Some days I drink it black, some days I like a little bit of almond milk or sugar,” Howden said.

As far as other caffeinated beverages go, she will once in awhile will have a monster or a red bull, but not on the regular.

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