Weekly specials for college students at AMF-Pin-O-Rama Bowling

Photo: MapQuest

Photo: MapQuest

Features Editor, Gianna Cognetti

Bowling is back, following COVID-19 restrictions of course. AMF-Pin-O-Rama located on 1724 Genesee St. provides many specials throughout the week to appease bowlers of all skill levels. 

Starting with Sunday, AMF-Pin-O-Rama offers $2.59 per game after 6 p.m. Monday and Wednesday offer unlimited bowling for $11.89 starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday offers $2.88 games, tacos, tall boys, and Long Islands. Meanwhile, Thursday is considered “college night,” where there is unlimited bowling for $11.89 including shoes, and $2.00 pizza slices, hot dogs, and pints. Friday and Saturday nights are most popular, therefore, there is unlimited bowling for $11.89 starting at 9 p.m. However, shoes are not included. 

For additional information, customers are encouraged to check the AMF-Pin-O-Rama website. The website has all information from birthday parties to their COVID-19 opening and closing times, as well as the start times for the special offers.

General Manager Rick Merele said they receive a lot of business during the week because many people wait for the specials. However, the pandemic hindered their usual business and they are slowly picking back up again as more people become aware they are open again. 

“Not many people knew we opened back up,” Merele said. “Business is definitely down.” 

COVID-19 restrictions play a role in the usual business they received before. There is a limited number of five people per lane, and the building is only allowing 50 percent capacity. However plexiglass is used to separate each lane, therefore, groups are able to bowl next to each other if needed. 

Merele said they have been actively sanitizing all the bowling balls, ball returns, seating areas, and everything else in between in order to ensure safety amongst customers.  Masks are to be worn at all times unless actively eating or drinking. This has been a slight problem for AMF-Pin-O-Rama because they have to constantly tell customers to wear their masks properly or wear them in the first place. 

“People often think if they get water they can take their mask off,” Merele said. “This is not the case, they must be sitting at a table actively eating or drinking.” 

Other than this, the new guidelines have not been an issue for the most part. They are making sure everyone is socially distanced, lanes are properly sanitized and making sure customers are following the rules. 

“We have not had much of a problem, we can use all of the lanes still,” Merele said. “It just narrows down to making sure we stay at half capacity.” 

The special offers have helped with business, especially with college back in session. However, for those who are not the typical bowler, or simply anyone who wants a chance to win money, they can download an app to do so. By playing Strike provided by Bowlers on iPhone and Android, people can win money by simply playing a game. There are also prizes to win as well. 

Save money, grab a small group of friends and head to AMF-Pin-O-Rama for a night of bowling, and have fun.