Summary: Student Government election results, goals for the semester


Photo: Nick McAdam

Charles Buckley, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association election was held on Sept. 21. Every spring a new set of leaders is elected for the following academic year and then a fall election is held to fill any positions that were left open. 

“If any positions are still empty after both elections the president can appoint someone with approval from the senate for that position,” SGA President Peter Gaughan said.

Students who won freshmen class positions in the fall are Kelsey Carter as president, Michael McNeil as treasurer and Katherine Parisi as secretary. Other newly elected positions include Randall Chiera as second-year treasurer and Patrick Uwechue as third-year secretary.

Gaughan said the pandemic has not held the SGA back this semester.  

“SGA is more active than ever even with COVID-19 restrictions so I am very confident in making an impact this year,” he said. 

This semester, SGA’s mission involves environmental awareness, campus safety and diversity, equity and inclusion.