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Free Coffee for UC students at Street Corner Urban Market

Photo: Sidney Domroes

Street Corner Urban Market, located on 167 Genesee St. in Downtown Utica, gives free 16 oz. coffee to UC students.

Street Corner Urban Market operates as a downtown market for convenience and tourism goods. The market is near the Clark City Center, which is in proximity for UC students who take classes downtown.

Store employee Kathy Randall said this is the first year the store has done something like this for UC students and so far everything is running smoothly. They look forward to continuing in the future.

“We have not had any issues with this and everyone is very nice,” Randall said.

Randall also said students often buy other items from the store along with their free coffee. This brings them business they may not have had before. 

Sophomore Lucas Dilego said from a business major perspective he thinks the free coffee is a good idea and is a good advertising mechanism.

“I think if I was a business owner, I would give free items to my customers because it would make them want to come back or possibly spend money on other items,” he said.

Senior Julie Emerson enjoys her free coffee every time she goes to the Clark City Center for class. 

“I go every week,” she said. “I love it.”

She thinks it is a wonderful idea because of how many students buy coffee from other locations. By offering free coffee, it brings those students into Street Corner Urban Market instead. 

She also finds it convenient to walk next door to the Clark City Center and have a cup of coffee free of cost.

“Having a place to quickly grab a cup of coffee in a walking distance from the school is so useful and beneficial,” Emerson said. 

Although she enjoys the free coffee, she feels as though some students may take advantage of it by taking more than one a day or leaving a mess.

“I always make sure I say thank you and show appreciation,” she said.

Junior Elizabeth Giamartino has a different approach to the Street Corner Urban Market’s business approach. Where she believes free coffee is a great way for UC students to be rewarded for their hard work throughout the semester, she thinks students will take advantage of the offer. 

“The free coffee is supposed to bring customers in and students will just go in for free coffee,” she said.

Giamartino has previous business experience despite it being her major, she said she would not necessarily give away free items. However, she will have promotions and deals instead.

“I would not give people free things,” she said. “I would definitely have a gratification aspect where I’d do a ‘buy one get one free’ deal.”

Despite this, Giamartino understands the business’ attempt and thinks it can be a good thing for their market.

“I think they do it to get the word out about their business and bring good publicity,” she said. 

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