Le Bistro Remains Closed, Common Grounds Open


Photo: Sidney Domroes

Charles Buckley, Staff Writer

Le Bistro, the cafe grab and go area in Gordon Science Center, has been closed since the start of the fall semester and students are now beginning to question why. When opened, students can buy anything from coffee to pastries to take on the go as they pass through that area. 

“It’s still closed due to COVID-19 regulations,” said Damian Boehlert, general manager of Sodexo, which operates the dining commons on campus. “This is because there is too much traffic in that hallway which would stop us from achieving proper social distancing there.”

As of right now, Le Bistro is set to remain closed until further notice, however Boehlert hopes that the regulations change soon so that they can get it back up and running for everyone.

“As soon as there is a change in regulations Le Bistro will be back up and running immediately,” Boehlert said. 

Unlike Le Bistro, places such as Common Grounds and Pioneer Cafe have large spaces to set up shop. Common Grounds is its own small cafe in the Gannett Library vestibule while the Pioneer Cafe is a restaurant located on the first floor of Strebel Student Center.

“In general, I do think that Le Bistro is a place that benefits many people,” said Benjamin Petrison, a freshman cybersecurity major. “A lot of people want to grab coffee before going to their classes and Le Bistro allows them to do this without having to take a long walk to the library in between classes.”

Boehlert said it is his hope that Le Bistro will be back up and running by next semester.