Greek Life Adopts Kernan Classroom

Tionna De Freitas, Staff Writer 

Utica College’s Inter Greek Council, IGC, helped local students from Kernan Elementary School by providing 101 first graders with winter necessities including hats, scarves, gloves and coats to students in need. The UC Greek Community wanted to reach out to the local community in a way that would make a difference.

The idea of “Adopt-A-Classroom” grew because the entire UC community wanted to get involved.

“The IGC realized there were students in need and immediately wanted to help,” Head of Greek Life Frances Lucia said.

The IGC is made up of eight sororities and fraternities including Chi Beta Sigma, Theta Phi Alpha, Sigma Iota Alpha, Omega Phi Beta, Alpha Chi Rho, Phi Beta Sigma, Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Alpha Phi Delta.

Members of IGC took the trip to Kernan Elementary just in time for the holidays to deliver the donated items. Students were able to build relationships and friendships within the two-month span of visiting the school, some that they won’t forget. Rebecca Schulz, member of Theta Phi Alpha, described how warmly her work was received.

“I got a lot of love out of this, I saw how much the kids needed some extra love and care and I even got a few personal thank you’s,” Schulz said.

Most members from the IGC said seeing the students’ faces light up with smiles was the most rewarding part of the experience. Chi Beta Sigma member Dellisa Gordon said it was a heartwarming feeling.

“Knowing that we were able to put a smile on the faces of the students was an awesome feeling, it also shows that when you work as a unit, no task is too big and we all are able to make an impact in someone’s life,” Gordon said.

According to Schulz, even teachers from the four first grade classrooms at Kernan were beyond grateful.

“The teachers were even more ecstatic because they knew how much the kids needed the little extra help and love around the holidays, and to know the teachers and IGC did absolutely everything they could to make sure the kids got that extra love- I’m sure the students appreciate and know that,” she said.

The IGC was excited to take on this task because it showcased how all of the Greek organizations on campus can come together and help other students.

“It was a great display of all the great things Greek Life could do if we all come together for the right cause,” Schulz said. “I love the Greek Life family at Utica College, because we all do such amazing things as individuals, organizations, and as one big family.”

This project proved to be a success for the IGC because it was an experience that meant a lot to everyone.

“It was just a great opportunity to give back to the community. I also loved that it was able to show the other side of Greek Life that most people do not see,” Gordon said. “It shows that as a whole, IGC can come together and use our letters for something as amazing like raising money and clothing for the children.”

The Greek Community is not sure what its next community service project will be, but members are sure that there will be more events similar to this that will allow them to make a difference.