Are UC students sticking to New Year’s Resolutions?

Ben Mehic, Staff Writer 

“New year, new me” might be the most overused, cliché phrase thrown out this time of year. While virtually every day marks a new beginning, the start of a new year is typically used to set goals, and more importantly, resolutions.

Whether it’s going to the gym more often, trying to spread positivity or staying on top of school work, the new year is used as a benchmark to see how much growth is obtained throughout the course of the calendar. Now that the spring semester has begun, UC students have also started to set goals for 2016.

Juwan Wilson, a junior, has made a resolution that will help him become a lot more imposing on the football field. Wilson recognized that he’s undersized for the sport and wants to do whatever he can to improve physically.

“This year, my New Year’s resolution is kind of weird. Usually, some people want to lose weight, but I’m trying to gain weight,” he said.

Unlike a lot of people who set goals without much thought, Wilson has a plan.

“I’ve added more protein and more meals to my diet. Instead of eating a regular dosage of calories, I’ve upped it to about 3,500 a day.”

Wilson has realized that accomplishing resolution goals isn’t easy.

“Trying to eat healthy is the hardest thing in the world. You want to put on good weight – you want to build muscle mass,” he said.

Other students aren’t fans of this tradition and don’t plan to set a resolution.

“I haven’t set a new year’s resolution this year,” said Trevon Liggins, a sophomore. “I feel like I’m on a solid route. There’s no reason for me to set a New Year’s resolution because I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing. I want to continue to excel at school, which I’ve been doing,” he said. “Besides, most people fail to stick to their resolutions anyway,” Liggins said.

Junior Amil Alagic echoed Liggins’ beliefs.

“I didn’t set a New Year’s resolution this year because they’re not valid,” Alagic said. “You either have goals or you don’t.”

Like Liggins, Alagic spoke about people’s failure to stick to their newfound goals and desires. “Half the time, people don’t even stick to their resolutions,” he said. “It’s because people don’t put in work. They think life is just going to hand them a million dollars.”

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or not, goals can be achieved through hard work and keeping sight of an ultimate goal. While New Year’s resolutions aren’t always accomplished, it’s evident that those who work hard will find success. Will your accomplishments come in the form of a New Year’s resolution? Well, that’s completely up to you.