A sign of the times


Design by Alyssa McKenna

Hope Russo, Staff Writer

Within just a few short months, many things about our everyday lives drastically changed or even came to a complete halt, but there are few normalicies that we are still hanging onto for dear life, including continuing to pay attention and contribute to pop culture. 

This is the first time that there are no sports being played on any level. Sports fans now have no games to watch besides reruns, no games to play in, no games to attend or even look forward to attending.

While people mourn the loss of sporting events, many have turned to bingeing on new Netflix shows, YouTube tutorials and creating TikToks. Pop and entertainment culture somehow has a way of rising above all the sadness and negativity in the world while still putting a spotlight on the most popular trends. 

Even when practicing social distance, people are coming together to determine what is hot and what is not. For example, Carole Baskin? Not hot. 

For those who are lost in regards to who Carole Baskin is and why she is not hot, then you must not have watched one of the most weirdly popular Netflix documentaries at the moment—Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

This documentary series has blown up and its crazy concept has been discussed all over social media. People have recreated scenes from the show on TikTok and remixed the words to the popular dance song ‘Savage’ by Megan Thee Stallion to make it about Carole Baskin. 

Some other shows that are currently popular or ‘hot’ on Netflix include Love is Blind, All American, Too Hot To Handle, Cheer and Outer Banks. I have seen each of these shows being talked about and most people seem to have enjoyed them. I can not speak on all of these, but I can say that All American has been my favorite new show that I’ve watched during this time. While Love Is Blind was extremely corny and not my thing, it was like watching a comedy show. I am currently in the middle of bingeing on Outer Banks and have so far enjoyed it. 

Wearing sweatpants and t-shirts everyday has now become hot. Even fashion still pushes through during this trying time of working and living from home. Many bloggers have turned to creating ‘at home but make it fashion’ looks. 

One hot trend that has become increasingly popular to purchase or DIY is tie-dye sweatsuits. I am personally guilty of giving in to this trend and I don’t regret it. Not only was it a fun activity for my siblings and I to do altogether, but it made my plain black sweatsuit look just a tad cuter. It was very inexpensive to do ourselves as well.

Some unusual items have spiked in popularity during quarantine such as toilet paper and other cleaning products. There are many times now when going to the grocery store that these items are still not even available to purchase and when they are, there is a limit to one pack per person. 

I remember the first time that my parents went to the store after the quarantine began that they had to go to six different stores just to find toilet paper and Clorox wipes. This was not just happening in our local area either. There was a shortage of these items everywhere. Once people found out that they were really going to have to hunkerdown in their homes, grocery stores turned into zoos. 

On top of getting a deep cleaning weekly, many of our homes seem to be getting some updates. With all of this time at home we have on our hands, people are turning to DIY projects and renovations as a fun activity to keep busy. Whether it is as simple as a fresh coat of paint, purchasing new decor items or rearranging with new furniture. Home renovation videos are very popular to create on TikTok, they display the minor or major changes within just a few seconds.