Parking Improves for UC?

Amanda Fanelli, Assistant Features Editor 

Has the parking situation at Utica College gotten any better since the fall semester of 2015? Previously, the construction of the Welcome Center was not completed and some students found themselves frustrated and parking anywhere they could find a spot. While there may be enough parking on campus for students, not being able to park near their class buildings because of full lots has left many students annoyed.

Wayne Sullivan, Director of Campus Safety, said there is adequate parking on campus for all students. Since the completion of the Welcome Center, congestion in that area (the lot in front of the ECJS Building) has been relieved.

“The first few weeks of the semester are always hectic for parking, but it will settle down,” Sullivan said. He also stated that this semester was a better beginning than most as far as parking goes. Although some students may feel that there is inadequate parking on campus, Sullivan said UC has not been at capacity yet this school year. The number of tickets that were given out has decreased tremendously since the completion of the Welcome Center.

Sullivan advises students to leave for class earlier, especially when the forecast is calling for snow.

“The parking lots tend to shrink when there is snow,” Sullivan said.

He assures students that the college is working as hard as they can to keep the parking lots plowed and the snow banks pushed back as far as possible. Sullivan also reminds students that parking in Lot C in front of Boehlert Hall is always open.

He advises students to use caution and follow restrictions, and most importantly follow the speed limits throughout campus. The most important factor is the safety of the students. “It is a collective effort by everyone,” Sullivan said.

As far as parking by the dome goes, there are currently 20 spots around the back of the dome and a small lot is being put in that will hold 20+ additional parking spots. It is tight down by the dome right now, so Sullivan advises students to use caution and follow the speed limits.

Junior Gina Owens, a commuting nursing major, said that for the past three years at Utica College parking has always been an issue for her.


“Last semester I would drive around for sometimes almost a half an hour looking for a place to park- especially in the afternoon,” Owens said.

Owens noticed that after the construction on the Welcome Center ended, there were more parking spots open. However, parking is still limited, depending on the time of day. Her suggestions to help relieve the parking situation are to not have so many reserved parking spots that seem to never be used or restricted parking areas.

Sophomore Adam Moody, a business management major, said “This is my first year living off campus and there have been a few instances where I have found myself late for class because I have been scrambling to find an open spot.”


Moody added that he generally parks outside of Faculty Center and he has definitely noticed he is having an easier time finding a parking spot since the completion of the Welcome Center.


“If I do find myself struggling to find a parking spot outside of Faculty, I know that there will be a few spots open over by the new Welcome Center,” he said. “Obviously, expansion of parking lots would benefit everyone greatly, but that is easier said than done. UC has definitely made strides to make the parking situation easier for students and it will only get better as construction around campus finishes up.”