UC introduces new grading policy for Spring 2020


Source: collegesofdistinction.com

Alyssa McKenna, Social Media Editor

Utica College has changed its grading policies for students, Provost Todd Pfannestiel announced April 2.

The decision comes after the college made the switch to an online learning environment on March 23.

The additional details are still being finalized in discussion although the basis of the grading system will allow students enrolled in classes during the Spring 2020 term to earn letter grades for all of their courses. Students then can request that any passing letter grade, a D or higher, be recorded as a “P” for “passing” on their official transcript. Students ultimately have the decision to keep the letter grade earned if they choose.

A “P” carries no grade points with it, meaning this will not impact the student’s overall GPA. Credit will still be earned for the course with a “P” grade, however the GPA will not be affected positively or negatively. 

A grade that is recorded as an “F”, will be shown as an “NC” or “No Credit” on the official transcript. Students who receive an “NC” will not see their GPA affected and will not earn credit for that grade.

The new grading system only applies for the Spring 2020 term and to all courses that began on-ground and transitioned to a virtual environment. 

“From what I understand, students will be given the option of selecting the grade they have for the course or choosing a pass/no credit option (not fail),” said Timothy Ecklund, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. “Given the circumstances, this provides students with the best possible options.”

The new grading system could help struggling students who would receive a pass grade rather than worrying about any inferior grade affecting their GPA. This also allows students facing extenuating circumstances such as family loss, disease or other difficult scenarios to have options that will help them in the long run. 

Students who fear they may fail a class or receive a lower grade could benefit from this new grade system. This option would not average into students’ GPA regardless, which could be beneficial for those that need the higher GPAs for job opportunities or graduate school. 

If students do not pass the class, then they would have to retake them, which would affect future scheduling and graduation prospects.